Pilgrims, Wanderers, Sojourners. This world is NOT our home!

Savior or Judge

June 5, 2018
Jesus will be Savior or Judge...the choice is yours


May 30, 2018
Remember the sacrifices made for our Freedom! God bless the USA!

Honor for Mother

May 18, 2018
Christians Mothers want one thing from their Children....Honor....True Honor

A Clean Heart

March 4, 2018
God wants to give us....We should desire.....A Clean Heart

Normal Christianity

February 11, 2018
There is no cookie cutter way to live the Christian Life.....We're all headed the same way, taking different routes to get there.

Getting Clean

January 20, 2018
We can't function safely in this world if we are overloaded! Time to off load! Jesus is our burden bearer!

A Definite Change of Mind

January 13, 2018
Can you be a genuine believer without a radical change of mind? Not according to Paul! Salvation results in change!

Freed, But Not Abandoned

January 9, 2018
Thank God for Freedom, We should be more thankful that God doesn't leaves us to our own ways!
Alienated by our Sin and rightfully so. But God came and got us! For His glory!